Overly conscious about your child’s weight?

Today a television show contacted me about parents too conscientious about their child’s weight. Interesting topic. And here was my reply.

Thanks for contacting me. I believe we have a solid and worthy match. Consider these dimensions of my background and profession.

Mother of two sons is easier than being a mother of daughters regarding weight issues. Especially since I live in a community wherein mothers teach skinny-rules instead of health-rules. However, in 2004, my occupation with one of my son’s lack of weight gain became critical right before he was diagnosed with Diabetes Type I. As you likely know Diabetes affections 8.3% of the US population. However, Diabetes Type I is only 5% of those 8.3% as it is caused by a viral attack or dysfunction in the Pancreas Beta Cells which dictate insulin.

My circumstances with my child is like many mothers who have a son who contracted Diabetes Type I (caused by viral exposure at age 3). Sugar, insulin, carbs, weight loss through Ketone high dangers associated to the body eating its own protein etc, become a definite concern for mothers with children who have contracted this Pancreatic autoimmune disorder. Children do not thrive when their blood sugars are haywire. This is definitely an area in which I have become very informed. But my profession also plays a part in this process.

I am also a Clinical Psychologist who additionally has a Certification in Fitness and Certification in Nutrition Counseling. For 32 years, I have worked with obesity, food obsessions, compulsive over-eating, impulse eating, anorexia and bulimia almost daily. I also interface with parents who worry about their obese child, or their too thin child, or the child that is not overweight at all but the mothers think they are ugly and fat–folie a deux that is culturally embedded.

I work with parent-child relationships where control issues and anxiety become associated to food intake.
I work with children who channel their anxiety over being bullied at school into gastro-intestinal ailments and discomfort. Those children with anxiety disorders over performance issues, perfectionism, social acceptability or parental approval become evident in eating patterns and weight gain/loss as well.

Weight gain in children who have been sexually molested is also a well-established correlation.

Low self-image, hampered self-esteem, depression and social rejection play into eating patterns, weight gain and loss as well, both as cause and effect.

I authored a book entitled “If You Can’t Stop Eating, Maybe You’re Hungry: Reset Your Cravings” (2010) with the hope of helping parents, children and adults return to the beauty of being healthy, the pleasure of eating delicious foods, and capturing an attitude that embraces life instead of pre-occupation with weight, fat, and food compulsions/impulsions.

In addition, I authored and compiled chapters for a book which specifically addresses the need of women to create a new evolved cultural perspective on being womanly given what we know about health, power, responsibilities, oppression, aging, the beauty industry, etc: Evolving Women’s Consciousness: Dialogues with 21st Century Women (2011).

Dancing the process over being body-conscious for ourselves as adults and as care-givers to our children requires a health consciousness that is about living life fully not controlling eating or over-analyzing a child’s eating habits. On the other hand, because I watched my child’s weight not thrive, I was able to get him to the right doctor to diagnosis before the disease killed him. Quite a balance, we parents must walk!

It would be great to speak with you about these dimensions of your query.

Please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Carol Francis


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1) Summary: Are you and your partner worried about your child’s weight?

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Are you and your partner worried about your child’s weight? Do
you disagree on whether or not your child’s well-being is being
affected by their weight? Do you need help coming to terms about
what’s causing your child’s weight, and how to resolve it? A new
television show would love to hear your story!

Please submit your story as well as contact info!

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