Hypnosis and Your Mind’s Influence on Your Body

by Dr. Carol Francis

Check it out: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis/2009/06/09/laws-of-attraction-karma-synchronicity-intentionality

Human capacity to influence your body’s health, disease, capacity to perform at a athletic task or urgent moment, control habits and alter fundamental capacities have been experimented with by scientists and practitioners of hypnosis, cyber-cybernetics, mindfulness fields, meditation, intentionality mantras etc.

Each of these fields which study the link of the mind’s influence over material aspects of our bodies are fascinating and amazing.  Popular and scientific books summarizing “mind-boggling” recognition that your mind has tremendous impact on your body, are available to you at any turn and everywhere.  Now, however, is your opportunity to grow you capacity to actually exercise your mind’s control over your body. IntentionalityTechniques@webs.com provides a brief introduction into some of these areas of mind over matter, your own matter in fact.

You can listen to my radio show as well and gain even more appreciation about the changes you might make as you train yourself to do so via you mind.

Check it out by going to   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis/2009/06/09/laws-of-attraction-karma-synchronicity-intentionality

One area of knowing you can be dominate over your body or psychology is the area of conquering bad habits.  In my book on Stop Smoking (which you can order from below), the power of implementing your mind  by way of hypnosis, nutrition, exercise and self-love is quite easily demonstrated by overcoming the hugely addictive (physiologically and psychologically addictive) habit of smoking.

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