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Healthy Eating, Healthy Exercise, Healthy Relationships & Healthy Attitudes

Body/Mind Sculpting

by Dr. Carol Francis


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Training Sessions For Your Whole Beauty
fitness1.jpgBody/Mind Sculpturing Sessions
Your BEAUTY, inside and out, becomes powerfully beneficial to you and others when you take care of the whole of who you are. Your beauty is a complex combination of your exercise activity, nutritional fuel, psychological well-being, experience of personal success, relational satisfaction as well as your sense of meaningfulness and purpose.

How does it work?
During one training/work-out session, your body is exercised progressively at the level your physical health is prepared to handle on that day. Simultaneously, your emotional and personal growth is provided psychotherapy. Release of toxic or troubling memories and feelings are combined with issue-resolution and improvements in personal circumstances and personality qualities. Psychologically healthy responses are sculptured along with your body’s muscular and cardiovascular strength. You become emotionally liberated to be more of your personal potential during each session. It does not stop here!

fitness2.jpgHarnessing the wisdom and proven “laws” of personal success (affecting your profession, physical well-being, or relationships) are intertwined into your session time. In addition, during this new type of personal training, nutritional coaching, designed to enhance your body, mind and soul are interwoven.

The Body/Mind Sculpturing System exercises your body, mind, personality, emotions, motivation, and soul in each training session helping you evolve to your ever greater potential each day.

fitness3.jpgFitness Training & Sculpturing
Aerobic and anaerobic workout includes weight training, isometrics, weight resistance, pilates and yogic moves alongside cardiovascular activities tailored to match your fitness level and evolve your body’s strength and form. Fitness Training, which improves your shape and strength, will also profoundly impact any depression, anxiety, mental stress, fogginess, decision making, as well as brain functioning and health. These scientifically proven benefits of exercise are detailed for you at As a certified fitness trainer, I wisely move you into a wonderful relationship with your body’s beautiful form.

Psychotherapy for Your Mind, Emotions
In addition, I have 30 years experience as a licensed Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, a Child and Family Therapist, and a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist. During each session, I implement with you the many, many psychotherapy techniques and tools which build your emotional ease, mental strengths, motivations, personal skills, rework your psychological history. While exercising, you also are improving relationships and personal success as well as addressing any depression, anxiety, fear, anger, blocks or pressing issues that exists within your current life. While you exercise your body during each Body/Mind Sculpturing Session, you also work on the beauty of your psychological make-up. Your body, mind, emotions, life circumstances and personality become even more coordinated and effective.

fitness5.jpgNutritional Counseling for your Healthy Body and Mind
As a certified nutrition counselor, I also integrate your love of food with your exercise and psychotherapy program. What you feed the chemical lab of your body will impact your personal feelings and stability and physical fitness simultaneously. The Body/Mind Sculpturing Sessions integrate the magic of foods and nutrients into your formula for successful living.

Fueling Your Soul and Harnessing the Principles that Mold This Universe
The exercising of your Soul or Core Self, is the fourth dimension of Body/Mind Sculpturing Sessions. Utilizing a multitude of eastern and western meditative approaches, your Body/Mind Sculpturing Work-Outs always include the grasping and utilization of pivotal concepts and tools which evolve your sense of meaningfulness, creative powers and harmony. Laws of “Attraction,” “Golden Rule” & “Keys to Successful & Beautiful Living” are only a few of such principles applied within each workout.

Dr. Carol Francis, as a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family & Child Therapist, and Certified-Medical Hypnotherapist for over 30 years, determined that physical fitness profoundly impacts all her patients’ well-being. She began to integrate the powerfully transformative tools of psychotherapy with the equally energizing disciplines of physical fitness with nutritional approaches. She discovered that treating all these dimensions of a person’s life simultaneously unstoppably changed each person’s life. Body/Mind Sculpturing was born! Now, as a certified fitness trainer, certified nutrition counselor and Clinical Psychologist, she provides a comprehensive and doable treatment that addresses the whole person.


Reading Gives You Perspective

on you, your challenges and others you deal with!

>Emotional Growth Through Reading

Self-help books define and guide readers into possible understanding and solutions for their lifes’ issues. Since we dwell in similar cultures and experience very similar developments throughout life, insights from others can cut-short the learning curve. No need to experience the pains and mistakes which others have mastered already.

Biographies, fictional or factual, too guide us as we resonate with their life’s passages. Inspiring biographies can lift us from our stuck and myopic points of view and propel us into being more. Surviving a hardship–knowing others have survived is part of the power of identifying with heroes in books.

Attaining a status or success through various processes illustrated in such biographies can pave our way to some degree toward success. Reading about a grandmaster of some field or accomplishment can move us off our complacency into our ability to create greater than imagine. Acts of kindness by a hero in a book, can make us better people assisting others to their greater good.

Depression can be lifted by the humor of a situation, character or short story that’s simply funny. Anxiety can be quailed by knowing others survived or seeing solutions to otherwise seeming disasters in life. Affirmations that one can survive, succeed and conquer, overcomes depression, anxiety and passiveness as well.

Meditations over inspirational sections or provocatively moving books also can help us recapture the essence of our worthy character or soul.

The mirror of ourselves in the plot or character of some pithy fiction can also send us into worthwhile self-reflection–seeing the oops of others’ mistakes or the stuck ridiculousness of sinking personalities in fiction can grab us unaware from our blind spots and waken us to change our position and points of view.

Ignorance, prejudice, unkind judgmental attitudes that only harm us and others, can be challenged and transformed by books making us more tolerant, compassionate and compatible–even relationships can be transformed by ingesting the truths of books.

So indulge yourself in the fictions and facts of books. Grow, be happy, be kind, laugh, cry, change. Make life happen! That is what Book Therapy is all about. This is what is created to assist. Enjoy!!

Dr. Carol Francis is a Clinical Psychologist, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Consultant for Divorce Resolutions/Child Custody Battles, Life Coach. She has been in these fields for over 30 years and embraces the theme that we are here to Make Life Happen to the benefit of all.

Many different types of therapies are available to help you.

Make your life happen the way you want to sculpture it.

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