New book. IF YOU CANT STOP EATING, MAYBE YOURE HUNGRY: RESET YOUR CRAVINGS by Dr Carol Francis is helping people regain a positive relationship with food, their body and a culture that is loaded with food options. Return to your body’s wonderful relationship with food. Easy reading, great and usable advice.

Vitamin Bs

Vitamin Bs are awesomely effective for fighting food cravings and improving your chances of not being nervous or depressed, The exact amounts of Vitamin Bs your system needs daily is best researched and experimented with. If you drink coffee or use laxatives, the absorption rate will be impaired. Vitamin Bs are worth your consideration for health, happiness and wholeness.

Eating Should Not Be Problematic

New book available on Amazon will help you look at food as a normal part of your day. You will be able to reset your craving so that you eat what you need and enjoy what your body craves. How great to be in tune with your whole physical realm and align with need and desires in the food you chose. Please enjoy my new book. If You Cant Stop Eating, Maybe You Are Hungry (Reset Your Cravings) by Dr Carol Francis. Enjoy!

Stress–optimal and disasterous

Stress that is sourced in a meaningful, creative endeavor produces a series of chemicals that heighten fat metabolism for some, increase those delicious love-hormones for others and pump muscle building and support for muscle functioning for others. Too much effort and lack of sleep and poor nutritional support however can convert even the best of creative meaningful stress into something destructive for tissues, cell etc. So keep yourself online with meaningful and creative stressors while sleeping, eating and toning that fine body that supports your endeavors.

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Menopause makes us pause

Menopause is not a moment it is a series of bodily progressions from a fertile body to a fertile soul of a mature woman. Yes the hot flashes, odd anxiety reactions, depressions, weight gain, sensual and sexual changes and the onset of gravitational disasters are only a few moments endured daily until finally a new peacefulness emerges. It is a kind of rebirthing. It is a maturation born from endurance, triumph, surrender and victory. It is a passage of time when a woman’s identity can become at peace because a set of past strivings is finished and one has arrived at the new era of life. At least this is one way to experience the changes. The body-mind connection of gracefully moving through menopause years is merely this—women who emotionally view the changes as a sign of progress and maturity tend to have a smoother dance through the awkward, ugly and distressing parts of the body’s changes. So take heart–there us beautiful life waiting for you to create when your body settles this new transition. Drcarolfrancis.com. Doctorcarolfrancis.com relationshipsuccessnow.com


Happiness a Vigorous Walk Away

Vigorous exercise releases ao many helpful chemicals that bath your muscles, organs and brain. Many of those chemicals affect the feel-good or happiness centers. So exercise is one way to be in control of any sadness or depression. Be empowered. Be envigorated!!